Problem Solving Program

Program starts with initial consult followed by a training session
Program will be customized
Number of lessons to be determined after consult.
Each session 1 ½-2 hours.

Problem solving is the elimination or prevention of common behaviors that are labeled as undesirable by dog owners. Dog owners will have different ideas of what they consider problem behaviors. However, most dog owners will agree that at the top of the list is jumping on people, unruly behavior in the house, begging, excessive barking, chewing etc. There are just a few of the many problem behaviors not listed, but once again, it is how and what the owner perceives as an undesirable behavior and difficult to live with. Most often than not, obedience training is an integral part of the program because it is an important way to effectively communicate with your dog and establish yourself as his leader. Please see Why you should train your dog.