Basic Obedience

For dogs five months and older.
Program starts with initial consult followed by a training session
Program will be customized
Number of lessons to be determined after consult.
Each session 1 ½-2 hours.

Dogs are happiest when they see you as their leader. Please see, Why You Should Train Your Dog. I will teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog in a language he will understand so he will learn to successfully live in your world. You will learn how to train your dog to perform basic obedience cues, such as sit, down, stay, here and much more. I will teach you how to get rid of problem behaviors and how to prevent problem behaviors. You will learn about proper nutrition, grooming care, proper play and exercise, socialization and massage for relaxation. If you have a child, we will also address the child and dog relationship so that a healthy, respectful bond is developed between the two.

I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.
– Will Rogers