What They Are Saying

Clancy is a sweet but high energy Goldendoodle who was driving us crazy by not responding to basic commands. He has improved greatly, thanks to the guidance of Monica. She has passion for her work and great skill. She understood the challenges of both the owner and the pet which was important. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better behaved dog.
Kathleen D. Summit NJ.

A year ago last June we adopted Jake, a Black Lab mix, through Labs4Rescue. He is our first Lab, and was only 15 months old at the time, a big difference from our usual older when adopted Golden Retrievers, in age and personality. Jake had spent lots of time in crates and with foster families until a month before the adoption, when he stayed with Cathy, a dog trainer who volunteered with dog adoptions for the rescue group. Jake was a sweetheart, but very needy, jumpy, impulsive, energetic, and speedy – loving to run and nearly bowled us over on a few occasions. I was having a terrible time with him, even though I had read a few books on training and discipline; nothing was working. I became increasingly fearful that I would not be able to cope and might have to return him. The last straw came when I had bent over to retrieve something that had fallen, and Jake ran, bullet-like, and crashed into the side of my head .I was bruised, shaken, and ready to give up. I emailed Cathy and explained my dilemma. I really didn’t want to give up. She asked if I would try a professional trainer, not just anyone, but rather a trainer who had been schooled in the same method of pet training as she had been. I agreed and she forwarded a list of such trainers in NJ. I called Monica Felsing, at first because she was close to us geographically. But, as I spoke with her on the phone, I felt reassured that things could change, and that she was ready, willing and able to help. The first meeting was informative and interesting. Jake responded so well to her. Her method was kind, positive, and even fun. The best thing of all was that Jake was so much better behaved, after only the first session, that I knew all would eventually be well. Since then, each time we’ve met with Monica, there’s been measurable jumps in improvement in Jake’s behavior. Monica provided us with written materials, ideas for toys and treats, and is always available via phone or email to answer questions, and problem solve. This was a great investment that has paid off time and time again. We can now relax and have fun with a happy, playful dog who I think enjoys us more now, too. We were so impressed with Monica, that I recommended her to the folks at our local pet store, and would readily give her name to anyone looking for similar help!
Marilyn Legato Gillette, NJ