Training Philosophy and Method

No matter how old your dog, every dog deserves an education or training. Your dog also needs good nutrition, exercise, play, proper socialization and consistent leadership from you which will keep him healthy and happy for his entire life.

A scientifically proven and effective method of training which I find very successful is the reward based or positive reinforcement method. This method is based on the scientific principles of learning theory. One of the leading principles of learning theory is that if you reward or positively reinforce a dog for a behavior, the dog is motivated to repeat that behavior. If you don’t give a reward or reinforce the behavior you desire , the behavior will stop. In other words, we focus on good behavior or what we would like the dog to do as opposed to punishing “bad” behavior. This motivates your dog to want to learn and makes learning effective and enjoyable. In the end, we get results with your dog’s trusting you instead of fearing you.

During our sessions, I will teach you the proper techniques and give you the tools your dog needs so he can learn how to live successfully in your world. You will understand how your dog thinks and how to communicate with him in a language that he can understand.

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does.
– Christopher Morley

It is proven, that the best place to learn effectively is in the familiar and distraction-free environment of your home. However, once the dog has learned the new behavior and is responding well in the home, we will then slowly introduce the dog to distractions in the outside world. A major advantage of training you and your dog in your home is that it allows me to focus closely on you and your dog. This will enable us to make better and faster progress than the distraction, stress filled environment of a group class.

Most importantly, success will come if you are consistent, persistent, patient, and maintain a positive attitude. Training will establish a strong foundation of proper behavior for the rest of your dog’s life and will serve to strengthen the love, and respect you have for each another.